I'm at home :/ No idea how to get rid of the Christmas playlist on the left. haha.

ADAM LAMBERT'S IN SINGAPORE. And I wanna meet him! (:

MY HANDS WERE SHAKING SO BADLY WHEN I SIGNED THE PAPER SO IT DIDNT LOOK LIKE MY SIGNATURE. OH MY GOD. FREAKING A. A2 not A1. BUT OMG. I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I'LL GET A B3 OR B4! OH MY GOD!!! AHHH HAHAHA. I was so worried for the results since I screwed my oral sooo badly! I got the freaking results slip and saw the A and screamed like nobody's business!!!! OMG.

I was sooo worried yesterday and couldn't sleep till 1 plus and then I woke up at
4: 30 and then at 6:30. OMG... OH and I dreamt of getting an A2 like a month ago! with the random page of my handbook. The dream was like scene 1: this page of my handbook showing chem hw. Then scene2: I was memorising gong han haha. I had deja vu of those after that!Like a month later! then the chinese o level results thing. A2. omg.


A new decade began. :/ I'll miss the old one though. 2000-2009.
Time REALLY flies. Don't you think so? I think the earth spins too fast.
I remembered watching the countdown to 2000 on television in 1999. When I was freaking 5 years old. HA. And I remembered this mediacorp artiste (Cynthia Koh) saying that it was the start of a new decade and a new millennium. LOL. Those years were fun, listening to old school music and dancing around. PFFTT.. I just hope/pray that the new decade would be better.(I doubt so)

2010-2019 (:
Omg I'll be 25 in 2019. Plus a decade flies.. How I wish I could control time (:

And O'LVLs are THIS YEAR. What a great way to start a new decade. -.-

New Year's Resolutions? I think of them later I guess XD. Erm.

Oh and I saw the timetables a few days ago..why cant they change some teachers?? =O But overall.. I guess its okay. And do we REALLY have an hour of recess? If so, that would be great (:
I'M IN LOS ANGELES RIGHT NOW!! :))) Los Angeles is so cool. It's been quite fun so far. Though
I got a jetlag yesterday. I couldn't sleep on the freaking cramped plane. Anyway, yesterday was shopping. Bought shirts.. And I liked this skirt so much but it's a size 10 which is too big..:( blah blah. Oh so today, I went to the universal studios sand Hollywood walk of fame.. Both were great ;D though they should let us explore the wall of fame a little longer. I took pictures of the stars of Mickey mouse, michael Jackson etc and there was this shop thing set up in the middle of the walk.. And they covered Britney spears' star! Lol I got a picture of half of the star. I got the picture of Kermit the frog too! And there was This wax museum which we didn't go to!! Dam it. It's so cool! It wasn't opened but anyway they had wax figuring of famous people like Madonna, Britney, Marilyn, Obama, Justin etc.. Afte that we headed to the universal studios. oh there was this house of horror and I went in with my dad and my sis. Omg, my sis and I were screaming like lunatics. Seriously. There were real people dressed up as horror movie characters and they scare the living hell out of you. The just appear suddenly and shout.. Aha I had my eyes closed do I didn't know what they looked like. Lol I swear, I jumped everytime they did that, screamed my lungs out and ran away. My sis and I must have looked like retards since they were laughing at us. everytime. The girl behind us didn't even scream! Omg. My dad was laughing away at us -.- haha so I exited the place laughing like an idiot till I had tears in my eyes haha.. Okay then there was the studio tour which is basically a tour round the studio, the movie sets and all. The desperate housewives' set was cool. And there there's the simpsons ride, terminator 2 3-D show etc.. Oh and I saw this Patrick toy which was so cuddly.. But it was ex so I couldn't get it ); after universal studios, we went to Chinatown for dinner. While we were walking back to the tour bus, this black security guy started talking to us. He was nice and he
thought that there're lots of bad people and terrorists in Singapore. Lol
Going to Disneyland and california adventure park tomorrow. Hope it would be fun. Looking forward to the factory outlet shopping too! Bye!0
Today's the 16th of December.. the next year's creeping in so soon. That's sad. Oh and I'm finally 15 and a few days old! haha.

By the way, I'm leaving for the US tomorrow morning and would be back on the 27th! I'm dreading the plane flights. There would be a transit flight to japan first then to los angeles. The flight to japan's like around 7h and the one to los angeles's like 10+ h omg. Hope I'll survive it by drowning myself with movies! But I'll probably die freak out during take off already.

Anyway, I'm not done with packing yet and my luggage is friggin small. Damn it. :/ Okay. I shall pack my stuff now. BYE!

ps: I've added a christmas music playlist on the left (:

That's mean but hilarious. They did some computer editing to beyonce's voice. But seriously, it's funny at parts. :D

It feels like i'm in some other country these days, with the cold weather going on and all. BUT IT'S SO COOL. It reminds me of Christmas some how. (I'm spending christmas in USA! :DDD) I'm so thrilled.

Anyway, I'm still wanting to go ice skating. I've been stuck at home for the past.. week or so. Argh.

Livejournal or blogger?
I wanna catch 2012. (: